Woman Addicted to Eating Matressess

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Jabbers Art
Jabbers Art Vor Stunde
is this how extraordinarily pampered western society is now, crying over having to eat a blue french fry lol
Striker Vor Stunde
Get this woman an air mattress
Ttvjordan_savageJr Vor Stunde
Oil of Gladness
Oil of Gladness Vor 3 Stunden
She has braces and eats dry wall when the dentist tells u not to eat something as hard a a taki
Nemesisfor Sure
Nemesisfor Sure Vor 3 Stunden
drywall > chalk
neureul Vor 4 Stunden
9:45 dog sleeping under table?
Gamer Vor 6 Stunden
Docter: its not good for u Her: *says in surprised voice* wow
Drxpscope Vor 6 Stunden
Jennifer already looks like a mattress
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna Vor 6 Stunden
Why am I crying lmao
The Maelström
The Maelström Vor 6 Stunden
*It’s really the bedbugs and pee stains that season a mattress to perfection!* *Chef’s Kiss... >MUAH< 💋*
President Jefferson Davis
President Jefferson Davis Vor 7 Stunden
Its like a pig- or an animal . Accurate
Bruno Olivaes
Bruno Olivaes Vor 7 Stunden
react to a video from the maicon kuster channel
asaspades Vor 7 Stunden
imagine being the doctor that has to make an incision on her and loads of mattresses come spilling out
The Maelström
The Maelström Vor 7 Stunden
*Especially if a spring pops out... BOOOIIINNNNNGGGGG!!*
Stuart J 1210
Stuart J 1210 Vor 8 Stunden
I heard this program is fake and all the addictions are a lie
AntonLuvs /Gwenlps 18
AntonLuvs /Gwenlps 18 Vor 8 Stunden
Suzanne Moreno
Suzanne Moreno Vor 9 Stunden
She ate a matress furnace :O Kill me
קסניה אברין
קסניה אברין Vor 11 Stunden
That's why she's so big? 😂
unicornpower Vor 12 Stunden
when he said "do it its would be better and not scarey " me: "thinking to kill the kid that hates anime " yup you are write.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Vor 12 Stunden
My strange addiction next eppisode: im jennifer and im addicted to eating humans
Felix Labajo
Felix Labajo Vor 14 Stunden
Aku Rakus
Aku Rakus Vor 16 Stunden
this vid remind me of jaboody dubs version.
Brittney Holladay
Brittney Holladay Vor 17 Stunden
“Goddammit Jennifer stop eating my mattress!!” I literally spit my drink out laughing!
TvHead Vor 17 Stunden
When Americans try to eat something that isn't deep fried 🤣🤣🤣
Caleb J
Caleb J Vor 19 Stunden
Therapist took big brain to the next level huge brain 🧠🧠🧠🧠
Catiesa Vor 19 Stunden
the french fry girl? Thats an eating disorder... Like, your mind tells you you cant eat anything else. Its horrible. And when you're confronted with change is not easy and it takes time. When you are working with people with ED you NEED to be patient. That's how it gets better. But not in one day. It took me so long just to be able to stop measuring my weight every day. I was actually very sad and could relate to her on some level.
CREEPY FF Vor 23 Stunden
Why everyone addicted to eating something always say that the texture is good so iam eating it
Suing for Intelligence
Suing for Intelligence Vor Tag
Mushrooms are not food. Disgusting.
Seiko Shinohara
Seiko Shinohara Vor Tag
I feel really bad for the fry lady because i have agoraphobia which is definitely a lot different but also i can relate in a lot of ways. Most people don't think twice about going out but I can't leave the house without being drunk or I'll have a panic attack so bad that i feel like I need to go to the hospital. I don't think im crazy or anything my brain is just wired a little bit off. I wasn't always like this it started when i got a hernia that had some pretty scary complications and my brain as a survival method associated that with being out of the house because thats where it more often flared up.
Steph Vor Tag
Pewds forgot to turn his lights on in the first part of the video. 10/10 production. Wouldn't expect any less from a youtuber with over 100 million subscribers
I_is_Panda Vor Tag
French fry lady makes me very mad
Me Likes to Games
Me Likes to Games Vor Tag
Pica: makes people eat things like mattresses, sand, and used cigarettes. The people in the video: surprised pica chew face
theGalacticMeowFilm Vor Tag
Don't wanna sound rude but I don't undestand why the first gir is fat. If she gets full with the mattressess then she's satisfied, right? dunno if the mattress material has calories or... if that material isn't digestible and it expand then she must feel full or so... i just don't get it 😅 And in the other hand the french fries girl is thin... this world is crazy Maybe a dumb question but it amazes me
Obscure Bread
Obscure Bread Vor Tag
got 99 problems and eating drywall is one.
The Maelström
The Maelström Vor 6 Stunden
*And if you happen to eat drywall with lead-based paint on it you get the bonus of DAIN BRAMAGE... that just might explain that chick’s strange addiction* 💥🧠💥
AA - 03SB 917970 Burnhamthorpe PS
AA - 03SB 917970 Burnhamthorpe PS Vor Tag
Eat the mattress like I eat 🍝 pasta 😂
Allie Sobczak
Allie Sobczak Vor Tag
I guess her eating mattress explains why she’s so big
screwTHEwood Vor Tag
Stop the adds 2 minutes in
Ultra instinct Goku
Ultra instinct Goku Vor Tag
Just her saying she eat's mattresses, that should already be enough to hear
Caden Crafty
Caden Crafty Vor Tag
To be honest mattresses are kind of good.
Alexandrine Aurélien
Alexandrine Aurélien Vor Tag
The woman who eats dry walks should switch to fun dip sticks or something.
Jewish Hitler
Jewish Hitler Vor Tag
Jack Hatch
Jack Hatch Vor Tag
How is the fry eater not as fat as the matress lady?
Justin Cantlon
Justin Cantlon Vor Tag
That is disgusting
Lexie Gorbea
Lexie Gorbea Vor Tag
Diego Brando
Diego Brando Vor Tag
I drink 14 litres of lead paint a week
falu Vor Tag
wow i eat chalk and dry wall as well i should be on this channel
Kristen Neuhauser
Kristen Neuhauser Vor Tag
When eating new foods or drinks it generally takes trying it 30 times before you like the food and are ok with the smell, texture and taste. Especially w babies thats why the spit out baby food when they're trying something new
Sophie Schaad
Sophie Schaad Vor Tag
This is like when my dog eats the stuffing in his toys
xXPhillips33Xx Vor Tag
Bro I’m watching this video and right after the doctor tells her that she could die because of eating mattresses, I get an ad for Denver mattress sale😂🤣
Brian Yun
Brian Yun Vor Tag
captain Cody
captain Cody Vor Tag
she is sponge bob
Meth Saddie
Meth Saddie Vor Tag
Midnight snacks tbh
Kevin Alejandro Ruiz
Kevin Alejandro Ruiz Vor Tag
What was that 7:51
Joey Dafishy
Joey Dafishy Vor Tag
Shemar Boyd
Shemar Boyd Vor Tag
youre so boring your not even that funny idk how you even have that many Subscribers but the funny thing is that not half of your Subscribers watch your videos LMAO
Ralph Wiggum
Ralph Wiggum Vor Tag
Bellatrissa Vor Tag
Respect to french fries lady for actually trying to change.
90% French and 10% fries
Hari Michaelson
Hari Michaelson Vor Tag
Last vid I watched with my girlfriend after we broke up, as we were crying and cuddling before I got out of her place. Can I get an F or something
KaiRoblox Youtuber
KaiRoblox Youtuber Vor Tag
bro look at the daughter then the mom and then the son
Emnotfound Vor Tag
That cant be safe🤚😩
Katie Furlan
Katie Furlan Vor Tag
That foam kind of looks like cake
morgan nye
morgan nye Vor Tag
I have lupus and sma syndrome so I have a massive deficiency in iron and zinc and I’ve never thought of eating my bed not once
Reuben JvR
Reuben JvR Vor Tag
It's a God dam fry just eat the dam fry
Cyclops Vor Tag
6:16 WTF
Glassism. Vor Tag
Few years more and she gonna become a mattress
bob ross
bob ross Vor Tag
dont deep fry a carrot
donita Vor Tag
we're not making fun of mental health proceeds to laugh at this girl who can't control her eating disorder for 14 mins
Uhm Sara?
Uhm Sara? Vor Tag
no but i cant- 😪
superduperman Vor Tag
You are what you eat...This woman is a double king size deluxe.
Sadingo Vor Tag
I don't really think this is bad, it is insane stupidity leading to death, i.e. how it should be.
Rahul reddy
Rahul reddy Vor Tag
That doctor almost had a stroke.🤣
Thunderbolt Vor Tag
She’s as big as a mattress
RyanSpacePineapple Vor Tag
i have pica possibly i love paper diffent colors of paper taste better than others white and red are my favorites and yellow and purple are my least favorite flavors
Ronan Mayeux
Ronan Mayeux Vor 2 Tage
GIRL found the cure to stomach bug
Roux_mp4 Vor 2 Tage
She looks like the mattress already
Nafees Halim
Nafees Halim Vor 2 Tage
Me at 11pm at night 😐😐😐😐😐
Desiree Rutten
Desiree Rutten Vor 2 Tage
"pica" pronounced as "peeker" makes me happy
Strawberxy Vor 2 Tage
Ashantie Delgado
Ashantie Delgado Vor 2 Tage
I love his laugh when he sees her pull out the piece of the mattress when she's at the doctor getting checked out 😂😂😂
Aunt GiGi
Aunt GiGi Vor 2 Tage
11:00 Nothing brings me more joy than listening to Felix genuinely laugh. It makes me laugh more than the actual video
blidrob Vor 2 Tage
She's eating a lot more than mattresses...
James The Joker
James The Joker Vor 2 Tage
It’s every day bro with the mattress from flow
Pepperoni Chili dog
Pepperoni Chili dog Vor 2 Tage
Blockages tho. Ewww I can’t
Jacob vids
Jacob vids Vor 2 Tage
I was snacking on foam during this ngl 😂
YamiY Vor 2 Tage
Watching this gave me indigestion
SnowyBlizzard Vor 2 Tage
I would call it a habit not an addiction
Bailey Doyle
Bailey Doyle Vor 2 Tage
Isn't the mattress eater the same person as the air freshener eater
Elsie Martin
Elsie Martin Vor 2 Tage
The fat probably make a conection wth her palate and brain.
Elsie Martin
Elsie Martin Vor 2 Tage
Bowel blockage is no jokes she will suffer and her life will be in danger please stop ok.
nponsible Vor 2 Tage
It’s already illegal when you take the tag off of the mattress, but when you eat the whole mattress... she took it to a whole nother level.
Jason Vor 2 Tage
did she get big from mattresses?
Kyle Pagente
Kyle Pagente Vor 2 Tage
she become a pillow
Naima Ahmad
Naima Ahmad Vor 2 Tage
Fun fact: the woman who eats matresses is dead
Kyle Pagente
Kyle Pagente Vor 2 Tage
JHJ Vor 2 Tage
I like my mattresses done by Purple
Dead Meat Firzz
Dead Meat Firzz Vor 2 Tage
Why does she seem so surprised when hearing that its not digestible
Nobody 123
Nobody 123 Vor 2 Tage
I love how Felix is actually being nice and giving good advice instead of just making cheap jokes by shaming her. Like sure, he makes jokes here and there for content but he's also trying to understand her point of view as well.
Babs Vor 2 Tage
Pewds you're looking particularly sweedish in this video
Max Steele
Max Steele Vor 2 Tage
Amber: "like, what did you want me to do here!?" Me: "to eat the goddamn food"
Eric Vor 2 Tage
The fry chick thinks its medical, so isn’t the first step is to convince her its mental? Maybe not?
lex h
lex h Vor 2 Tage
imagine her dying from it and on her tombstone it just says "died from an addiction to mattresses"
ellie rose
ellie rose Vor 2 Tage
ngl the mattress do be looking tasty
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